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Independent digital media services

In cooperation of the staff here at 4wheelracing.com we have opened our digital media studio to the general public. While we still do digital productions for motorsport events we found that much of our equipment is sitting idle and could be making some money to be used for the betterment of the website and sponsorships for rally teams. So we'll get right down to business for those who have come here in search of our services.

What do we offer?
Currently we're starting small and limiting our services to media conversions, digital output, and some digital video editing/mastering. We may also entertain offers to come out and tape footage of events which can then be edited/mastered.

What are media conversions?
Basically what we can do is take your old family VHS tapes and convert them to digital video files which can be used on your computer or mastered to DVD to archival purposes and to keep up with today's digital trends. We can also convert to and from PAL and NTSC formats and make region-free DVDs. There are some limitations to this service and we will not entertain any conversions which are obvious copyright infringements. However if you own a VCD, SVCD, VHS, or DVD which you cannot seem to play on any of your home players we can likely convert it to something you can play on your DVD player but proof of ownership is needed as well as a release form completed. See the link below for lists of our limitations.

What kind of editing/mastering can you do?
We're pretty limited now but have the resources to do quite a lot. We have done editing and mastering of rally video projects filmed by our crew on digital camcorders which look fantastic. If you have footage you want edited digitally and put on a DVD we can certainly work something out. Be ready to storyboard your ideas!

What kind of equipment/software are you using?
Without getting into too much detail we can sum up our machines as dual-processor PCs with massive amounts of hard drive space to store all those large video files while we work with them (over 1.3TB and counting). We use Canopus capture devices, one of the best in the business, for converting between digital and analog video. Currently we use almost solely Adobe products for capturing, editing, and mastering. We can even create DVD jackets and inserts for your projects!

Here is a list of what media formats we can convert from and to.
Here are some ideas of pricing for these services.

Any other questions please contact Garrett.