2002 Ojibwe Forests ProRally

The Ojibwe Forests ProRally takes place between Bemidji and Park Rapids in Minnesota. This year there was a wide variety of weather to add to the already varied stage roads to be dealt with. Friday was windy and overcast with heavy rains falling at the end of the night's stages. Saturday's super-special stages were mostly sunny, though still a little cool, making for good weather to spectate. The following are pictures and results from the event as taken by 4wheelracing.com photographer Garrett.

AV Sport Subarus

TAD Motorsports Evos

Ralph Kosmides' Grp N WRX

Subaru Rally Team USA

Havir's WRX and service rig

Dennis Martin's Evo 4

4wheelracing.com Subaru

1996 Impreza LX, 1999 Impreza 2.5RS-T, 2002 Impreza WRX

Bolivian 2.5RS entry

Paul Eklund's WRX

SubieGal's Production Impreza Brighton

Car #22 again

Vermont Sports Car entry?

Even more WRX entries

And yet more WRX entries

Tires for ProDrive cars

Havir's car and rig again

More AWD vehicles around

Knight Rally RS-Ts

#22 in Saturday AM service

4wheelracing.com Subaru and company

Gen2 DSM entry

ProRally PGT WRX

Gen1 DSM entry

2.5RS entry

SubieGal before the SSS

local Audi Quattro entry

#22s only fatality

Team O'Neil's revolutionary 2-piece rally wheel

TAD Team Evos in service

The leaders

Mark Utecht's WRX

#22 finishes the rally