Our Mission
Why 4wheelracing.com is here

This website was created initially to be a general information website specifically relating to AWD performance cars. Since its creation in 2001 it has grown to include more than just a list of AWD vehicles offered by various manufacturers to encompass motorsport and community of AWD cars as well as host our own mascot car. Our plans for the future are to continue adding content for reference in the part of the site dedicated to AWD car information and to attain more content towards AWD motorsport results and news. We would also like to start sponsoring motorsport teams by providing them with their own website hosted, designed, and maintained by our staff. There are several advantages to this service. We will try to have a photographer at events where those sponsored teams are competing to get more coverage of their performance and their car. If we can't have one of our own there we will have agreements with other local photographers to use their products on our website. We also have graphic designers on staff who can help teams create anything from business cards to media kits to help promote their team. Finally, we are working on getting sponsors to help out the teams hosted by our site. Please don't expect sponsors to be knocking at our door waiting to give us money for competitors, many teams have tried countless sources for sponsorship. Why not let us give you a hand in finding funding for your team? Through the use of website and media coverage of your team a company is more likely to want their name as part of that coverage. That being said if you own a business and would like to contribute to a worthy motorsport team please contact Garrett, the website administrator, or for more information visit our sponsorship information page.

We hope that with our help we can promote not only the AWD cars, but the motorsports they compete in as well!

~4wheelracing.com Staff

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