26 September

All the studio's equipment has been upgraded and installed so everything is up and running fine there again. More information on studio news available on its portion of this site. We are still looking for volunteers to manage the racing news portion of this site so if you are interested please contact the webmaster. More information on the positions open is here.

4 June

New tires, brakes, pads, brake fluid, and oil for the Subaru. More information will be up shortly on its pages. Also there is new hardware running the Studios. The old dual processor system died a tragic death but was still under warranty so we will see the return of that machine as our new file server. More information will be available on the status of the Studios as we get it.

22 March 2004

New hardware is being implemented with the Studios. We are waiting for the upcoming release of some newer technology before completing the upgrade. The new computer should be up by mid-June. Meanwhile we have introduced a new pricing schema to represent the greater volume of business we are doing here.

19 October

Another successful trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the Lake Superior ProRally. Hopefully we will be posting a video montage of the start of one of the well-known stages, or at the least some frame grabs of it. Media is being stifled at these events now but for good reason. Regardless it seems as if there are the same bad apples as before. Hopefully for the next season the crew here will have legitimate press credentials. Until then all we got was this one video take.

24 August

Our crew spent most of its time helping out a local team with their Evo so footage was limited to service areas. We have reviewed the stills taken and have made the decision not to post them publicly, not because there was anything bad in them but just because they were all too similar to the footage shot at last year's event. You may see them posted without credit in other parts of the site, however.

12 July

Mark Lovell and his codriver Roger Freeman, leading rally competitors in the SCCA ProRally circuit, were fatally injured on the first stage of the Oregon Trail ProRally. Their car left the stage shortly after the start and struck a tree. Here is the official SCCA press release on the matter. All of the staff of this website mourn the losses of such heroes of the sport. They will be greatly missed in both the US rally circles as well as those in the UK, their home nation, and the rest of the world. This is a tragic event for all of us involved in rally and hopefully some good will come of it, be it in added safety measures or perhaps a fund set up in their memories.

30 January 2003

A little late for a first post of the month but much of the staff has been busy with their individual projects for the site and more. One of these projects is the opening of our digital media studios. Our administrator has decided that opening a freelance digital studio with his equipment would help turn some money in for our sponsorship programs. This new service can be found in our media section. Ed's articles can now be found here.

23 December

Happy Holidays to those celebrating them this time of year! Our sponsorship program is starting off slowly, but at least it is generating some interest. We think it's slow this time of year as we are currently between rally seasons. Our staff is working on putting together a video presentation to present to potential sponsors to show them what rally is about. If you would like to contribute your video footage to this cause please contact Garrett. For more information on this see the announcements below.

6 December

We have set up a "Sponsor a Rally Car" fund so you can now make donations online via PayPal! Any amount can be donated, and we strongly encourage you to leave your name and contact information so that we may thank you for your contribution and let you know how your donation helped. If you aren't comfortable submitting your donation online please contact our webmaster for other methods. Those submitting larger donations to be considered sponsors should leave name, email, phone number, and any other information so we can put you in contact with the team you're helping out! You can find "donate" buttons on the front page, mission, and sponsorship pages.

25 November

Information about Toyota's short-but-sweet career with AWD performance has been posted in the cars section. The author wasn't too knowledgeable of Toyota's history so please be kind when referring corrections or more information to him.

24 November

Chuck Rolland, a local car enthusiast, died in a car accident early on the 23rd of November. The support of the staff here is with his family and friends. If you care to contribute to his family visit the AARRF website and follow the link to donate via PayPal.

21 November

Winter is starting to arrive here in Minnesota which means almost no automotive events which equals more time for our staff to work on the website! Look for more auto histories posted in the cars section. Also please check out our mission statement from the website administrator for an important notice about the purpose of this site! We have a new information page for prospective sponsors up as well.

21 October

The 2002 SCCA ProRally season has come to a close in Houghton, Michigan. The weather was cold and wet but record crowds looked on from the spectator stages. Our journalist was granted press access for the rally but had little opportunity to use it as he was enjoying the roads and scenery a little too much. See what he did manage to photograph as well as a write-up on it in our media section. Also new is another entry for the 4wheelracing.com Subaru after it's trip to the rally as our press vehicle.

6 October

Not much happening now that most motorsport seasons are wrapping up. Rally series are still going with one more to go in the SCCA ProRally series. One of our reporters will be at that rally for photos and news on the championship results. Odds of a 4WD car taking Open class and overall honors? pretty darn good. Check out the website for the Lake Superior ProRally for more information on the event.

7 September 2002

Some content is up in the motorsport section. We are still looking for someone willing to update these results as soon as they occur. See the motorsport section for more details on how you can help.

24 August 2002

Photos taken at OFPR have been posted in the Media section. Check out the gallery.

21 August 2002

The 4wheelracing.com Subaru made the 50,000 mile mark! That means 45k miles on the aftermarket turbo kit with no major troubles at all. Garrett made a small write-up as well as a picture he snapped here.

19 August 2002

The crew just returned from a fantastic trip to Bemidji for the Ojibwe Forests ProRally. The crew was up there the 15th and drove back late on the 17th after the ending festivities. Rather than obtain lots of digital video footage and stills from various points of the rally Garrett volunteered to help out Ralph Kosmides and his Group N Subaru team. Some footage was still taken when possible. Garrett will be writing up a story about his experiences up there later this week. Meanwhile look here for some pictures and a quick note about how the 4Wheelracing.com Subaru held up to the rough roads around Lake Itasca State Park.

8 August 2002

Just a reminder for the upcoming rally events in Minnesota. Ojibwe Forests ProRally will be going on August 16th and 17th in Bemidji. There will also be a RallyFest at Bloomington Subaru on Wednesday the 14th in the evening. The 4wheelracing.com Subaru will not be there due to supposed lack of parking and an overwhelming amount of other Subarus that will be attending. There should be an abundance of AWD competition cars there so it would be well worth your time.

28 July 2002

Garrett has added more pictures to the 4wheelracing.com Subaru pages. If you'd like to check them out go here. Also added was the memorial page for his first Impreza. We are still looking for people who love their manufacturer to research and write columns on some of the other AWD cars out there. If you don't see it's link activated in this list then contact us about the opportunity to write for us. There are some benefits to writing for us, so please inquire about them.

18 July 2002

The 4wheelracing.com Subaru competed in the Dog Days of Summer rallycross at the Arkansaw Motor Park in Wisconsin. Garrett and crew only stayed for the first half of the heats as a shakedown and tuning session for the car. Read more about it here.

6 June 2002

We have updated one entry to the AWD cars section. Garrett has started this section in hopes of others joining to help out. Obviously he has updated a beginning section on Subaru.

18 May 2002

We have replaced the popular editorials section from the old site. Hopefully in the next couple days I will have updated the section for the sponsored car. Ed has sent in another new editorial which will be posted soon.

17 May 2002

4WheelRacing is now open after a fiasco involving Yahoo! Website Services. We are now hosted on a much better and far more reliable server. We are still looking for columnists interested in writing or researching topics for the website.