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Owner/driver: Garrett

Sponsors:, i-Club, MN Sport Compact Club, MN Subaru Club



Base Statistics:

Make: Subaru

Model: Impreza

Trim: 2.5 RS

Plant: EJ25 2.5 liter Boxer 4

Horsepower: 165 @ 5600rpm

Torque: 166 @ 4000rpm

Curb Weight: 2840 lbs.

Wheelbase: 99.2"

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Drivetrain: all-wheel drive, viscous limited-slip center differential



Intake: stock

Engine: Minnam turbocharger kit, JC Sports top-mount intercooler, Haltech E6K engine management, STi heavy duty engine mounts

Exhaust: Mavtech custom 3" stainless turbo-back exhaust

Suspension: KYB/AGX struts, Eibach ProKit springs, 20mm rear sway bar, JC Sports strut brace

Brakes: STi 4-piston calipers with cryo-treated and slotted rotors, Axxis Ultimate compound pads, SuperBlue brake fluid

Clutch: ACT Street clutch

Drivetrain: Subaru rear LSD, STi heavy duty transmission mount

Tires: Yokohama AVS dB S2 all seasons, Toyo Proxes T1 competition tires, Pirelli K4 gravel tires, Hakkapellita Q snow tires


Upgraded Statistics:

I've decided not to post this pending more tuning of the timing and fuel delivery and an actual test on a 4WD dyno.


Future Upgrades:

Intake: now that the MAF sensor is no longer needed I plan on making a custom intake to draw from the fender wall

Engine: a Subaru electronic boost controller to interact with the Haltech and perhaps some Cobb cams

Exhaust: there really are no upgrades left

Suspension: DMS 50mm coil-overs with perhaps a 1" lift over stock

Brakes: replacing rear brakes with larger units and installing a brake balance controller

Clutch: no upgrade needed, although a downgrade may be in order until a new transmission is found

Drivetrain: a stronger gearset is definitely needed (I can break the gears at will currently)



Uhh, well even I have a hard time starting the car on some days. There are also many lock-outs built into the engine computer that don't turn back on unless you have the remote. The upgrades aren't very marketable anymore with the WRX being so common now, they'll only really work in another GC8 Impreza which would show up on the radar pretty quick. I feel sorry for the would-be thief who tries hot-wiring that car; let's just say the airbags don't deploy in the event of an accident, but not because they don't work. It also helps to have a stock AM/FM stereo in the car since thieves are always looking for stereos and cases of CDs when they break into cars. I'd suggest security measures like these for all cars.

In memory of my Alpha Impreza