In Memoriam

Alpha Impreza


On April 14th, 2000 I lost my first Subaru to a rather severe traffic accident. It occurred in Grand Forks, North Dakota while I was attending the University of North Dakota. The short version of the story is that I was hit from behind by some old pick-up truck that was going too fast and was just about to lose control when he encountered me and passed on that extra momentum to my little Impreza as we were rounding a curve. I tried to correct my slide but overcorrected and ended up spinning around once before slamming into a utility pole on my passenger side at about 45-50 mph. Fortunately nobody else was involved in the accident and that I didn't have a passenger riding with me at the time. The truck that hit me watched me crash into the pole and sped off, likely thinking that they had just killed someone. I always wear a seatbelt and was thus saved from any serious injuries. Below are some of the pictures of the aftermath of the accident.